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HTDA Meets With The IDNR In Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN- 

idnr meeting 1-17-07
The Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance attended its first “sit down” meeting with key members of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Fish & Wildlife and Enforcement Divisions Wednesday, January 17th 2007 in Indianapolis. Prior to this meeting several phone calls and e-mails had been exchanged and we continue to be impressed with the openness and professionalism extended to the Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance as a fledgling organization. This was a fantastic opportunity to set across the table and work face to face with many of the decision makers at the IDNR. 

The main topic of discussion for this first meeting was the forty nights per year that Hoosier Coonhound enthusiasts are not permitted to exercise and “work” their hounds. Keep in mind dog running and raccoon taking seasons in the state of Indiana run from noon of the first day until noon of the last day. There are two separate dog running shutdown periods per year totaling forty nights. The first period runs from noon January 31st through noon February 15th, this period is fifteen nights in length. The second period extends from noon October 14th through noon November 8th, this period lasts 25 nights. 

Under current Indiana law and IDNR rules, licensed Hoosier Sportsman may exercise, work and train their squirrel dog, rabbit dog, coyote hound, bird dog, fox hound, retriever, or any other sporting dog 365 days/nights per year. On the other hand, we the enthusiasts and trainers of raccoon hounds are not so fortunate being relegated to “taking season” and the limited “running season” in which to “work” and train our hounds. We at the HTDA believe it only fair that all Indiana Sporting Dog groups have equal opportunity to enjoy their dogs, our sport and our state. 

These down days and nights are very critical time periods as they relate to Coonhound Competition and having your Coonhound prepared to compete. It is impractical for Hoosier Coonhound Competitors to seriously compete at a national level under these circumstances when fellow competitors from other states do not have to operate under these restrictions. 

Additionally there are many Coonhunters in the state of Indiana who do not competition hunt. Several of these folks enjoy training young hounds, while others may just enjoy listening to their hounds run and tree. If opened up, these closed running season nights would be great opportunities for youth and families to share our great outdoors and our Hoosier Hunting Heritage. Our Coonhound companions should not be restricted to their kennels nor Coonhunters confined to their houses. 

These kinds of IDNR changes involve a long process and of course we cannot expect an immediate yes or no answer to this proposal. The gentleman we met with yesterday are very open to input and will be seeking differing viewpoints from the other hunting groups here in Indiana. If you are in favor of eliminating the two shutdowns of the Indiana Raccoon running seasons, February 1st-February 15th and October 14th –November 7th, let yourself be known. Prepare an e-mail with your thoughts about the closed running seasons and why you support the elimination of them. Send this e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We at the HTDA will compile these e-mail messages and provide them to the IDNR. Please be positive, professional and respectful with your messages. Thank you!!! 

Photo caption, shown clockwise from bottom left: 
Lieutenant Colonel Sam Purvis, Executive Officer, Law Enforcement Division 
Major Steve Hunter, Operations Commander, Law Enforcement Division 
Wayne Bivans, Chief of Wildlife, Division of Fish & Wildlife 
Bruce Plowman, Furbearer Biologist, Division of Fish & Wildlife 
Glen Salmon, Director, Division of Fish & Wildlife 
Master Officer Chris Powell, Law Enforcement Division, President HTDA 
Mitch Marcus, Wildlife Staff Specialist, Division of Fish & Wildlife 
Jerry Moll, Treasurer HTDA (not shown)

Clifty Creek Coonhunters Stepping Up

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Every year the members of Clifty Creek Coonhunters (sponsor club of the HTDA), located at Dupont, IN host area landowners to a feast to show their appreciation. President Bobby Wilson (HTDA Board member) advised that nearly one hundred area landowners were served dinner to show appreciation for the ability to free cast their dogs on private land. Dinner included ham, potatoes, home grown Roma green beans and all the trimmings, with several desserts and coffee to follow it up. What feed. I had to sample a plate while I was there and it was delicious. Michael Goodpastor (Goody), club member and HTDA board member, stated that the opportunity to give back to the community was very gratifying and well received by the public. Goody went on to state that without landowner cooperation, their ability to function as a club and enjoy free casting hounds would be non existent. 

The HTDA would like to recognize the efforts of the Clifty Creek Coonhunters and give them a big thumbs up. This type of community involvement is what the HTDA vision is founded on. The HTDA will use the examples set by one of our first sponsor clubs, in an attempt to recruit every club in the state of Indiana and to secure the future of tree dog sports for years to come. 

AKC’s 2007 World Hunt to Benefit HTDA

Raleigh, NC- The Coonhound Events Department of the American Kennel Club is proud to announce the location and dates of the 2007 AKC World Coonhound Championship with more than $50,000 in cash awards to be presented to the winners. This year the hunters at the World Hunt will not only be hunting for great cash and sponsorship prizes but will also be benefiting Indiana's Tree Dog Enthusiasts through their entry dollars. A portion of every entry fee will go to the Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance to make sure that hunting with coonhounds is around for a long time to come in Indiana. 


Monday, October 1st - Saturday, October 6th (Note the date change this year!) 

Hosted by Southeastern Indiana Regional Coon Clubs - Benefiting the Hoosier Treedog Alliance 
Decatur County 4-H Fairgrounds in Greensburg, Indiana 

Greensburg is located in Southeastern, Indiana: 
50 miles east of Indianapolis, IN 
65 miles west of Cincinnati, OH 
90 miles north of Louisville, KY 

1st place $25,000 
2nd place $12,000 
3rd place $6,000 
4th place $3,000 

For more details about the AKC World Hunt, click this:;subid=1277&board=news 

For more details about Greensburg, check out

Photo caption: Greensburg and Decatur County’s World Famous Tower Tree. 
Read the history of the tower tree, Greensburg and Decatur County here: 

Merry Christmas From Our House To Yours


The Officers and Directors of the Hoosier Treedog Alliance would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. We thank you for your support as we get this new organization off the ground and appreciate you spreading the good news. 

There are many exciting things being planned for 2007 and we continue to take on sponsors showing an overwhelming amount of support. If you would like an HTDA Officer or Director to stop by your monthly club meeting to explain the Hoosier Treedog Alliance, please give one of us a call.