2008 HTDA Banquet Set

We need your help and participation now! Coming up is our First Annual HTDA Membership Banquet, an unprecedented event in our state for tree dog enthusiasts. If you have ever attended a National Wild Turkey Federation or Ducks Unlimited Banquet, this event will be very familiar to you. The HTDA has reserved Jonathon Byrd Banquet Facility to hold our annual event. This facility is top of the line and is easily accessible from anywhere in Indiana. Jonathon Byrd’s is located right off I-65 at the Greenwood exit just south of Indianapolis. We will be holding many live auctions and raffles. There will be key note speakers on a variety of topics. We will have great dinner and fellowship. There will be state legislators and influential IDNR officials in attendance that want to hear from you. What a great way to wrap up our coon and squirrel seasons. Come and join us in an atmosphere that will allow us to swap hunting stories, raise some funds and recognize our gracious supporters from 2007. 

Please take a few minutes to clear your schedule for Saturday February 2, 2008 Jonathan Byrd's Banquet & Conference Center, 100 Byrd Way Greenwood, IN 46143 (317) 881-8888. Exit #99 off I-65, go west, and turn left to Jonathan Byrd's Banquet & Conference Center. Doors Open at 5:00 PM, we will adjourn at 9:00 PM. You should plan on a wonderful evening of fellowship, raffles, auctions, guest speakers, and a delicious banquet quality meal. Your $20 annual dues include, admission, one meal ticket and raffle tickets. Family and non-member meal tickets are $15 each and Children aged 3-12 are $10. Children under 3 eat free. To ensure your banquet reservations please R.S.V.P. by Saturday January 5th with number of members and guests attending. Mail your personal check or money order to: H.T.D.A. P.O. Box 93 Batesville, IN 47006-0093. You can find the banquet invitation form here: Download .pdf Banquet RSVP Form If you would like an RSVP form e-mailed directly to you; just shoot me a note at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please invite anyone that you think would enjoy the program, a nice meal and the possibility of taking home a new gun, a custom crafted bow, a nice piece of artwork or a vast array of other possibilities that will be auctioned and raffled as the night moves along. With your help we can make this a great event for our sport, our families and our future as tree dog enthusiasts. 

Attend this historic banquet and see what we have been up to in the last year and how we plan to work for you in the future. If you are interested in playing a role and putting some time into making this banquet a success there is plenty for you to do. We need merchandise for auctions, we need sponsors to buy booth space, we need greeters to work the registration table, we need folks to work the floor selling tickets, and the list goes on. If you can help in any way please contact Janet Butcher, Chairperson for the event (260) 726-5716 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Chris Powell (812) 584-7402 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please help us secure the future of tree dog sports here in Indiana! 

Download .pdf Banquet RSVP Form 

Thank you! 

HTDA Voices Heard In Indianapolis


On 08-15-07 HTDA Officers Chris Powell and Jerry Moll testified in front of an attentive crowd of policy advisors who make up the Natural Resources Advisory Council (NRAC). The council is a legislated committee of Indiana Sportsmen and Citizens who serve as a citizen’s advisory council for rule proposals within the DNR. More information on the DNR Advisory Council including a list of council members can be found at their website: http://www.in.gov/nrc/advisory

The HTDA Treasurer Jerry Moll framed the proposal that asked for all closures of the current Indiana raccoon running season to be removed. Several points were brought including the fact that coonhound owners are the only sporting group that are restricted from training and exercising dogs year round. Also brought up was the fact that there is no current data to show that running of tree dogs has any impact on non target wildlife such as deer and their movement, small game and other non game species. The HTDA presented a study from South Carolina supporting this stance. Along with the study the Council was provided numerous emails from several sportsmen supporting the proposal. The proposal was laid out in a very simple, easy to understand presentation. 

Immediately following the presentation, opposing voices were heard. The opposition had no data to back their stance. Their opposition was one based solely emotion, perception and politics. The opposing groups included members from deer hunting groups, trapping groups and bird hunting groups. 

Countering the opposition, President Chris Powell systematically, ran through the list of concerns and attempted to put troubled minds at ease. Also speaking in support for the proposal were members of the Indiana Beagler’s Alliance. 

When the dust settled the Advisory Council voted to defer from making a recommendation for or against the proposal based on the lack of time to review the material. Chairman Pat Early called the proposal a “social issue” based on the fact that there were conflicts between resource users and since no real data showing any impact on Indiana’s Natural Resources were presented. 

So where do we go from here? This issue has been sent back to the Division of Fish and Wildlife who will draft a proposal that will inevitably give Hoosier tree dog enthusiasts more days in the field with their dogs. The HTDA will continue to work for the future of all hunting in the state of Indiana in particular, tree dog sports. 

Chris Powell-HTDA President 

HTDA Supports NPHA Big Game Nationals


The National Plott Hound Association, a UKC chartered breed association is facing major adversity in the State of South Carolina. The South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster has issued an order to stop the NPHA Big Game Nationals April 20-21 in Spartanburg, SC. The AG’s office issued the order quoting animal cruelty laws and further stating that holding any big game events would result in the arrest of all participants and forfeiture of equipment and dogs. 

The HTDA has issued the following letter expressing our concern for the future of all hound events / tree dog events. 

Dear Mr. Mc Master, 

My name is Chris Powell, President of the Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance Inc., of Indiana. It has been brought to my attention recently that your offices has issued an order to stop the upcoming Big Game Nationals being sponsored by the United Kennel Club and the National Plott Hound Association. 

It concerns me as president of the HTDA that this has happened. I feel the precedence your office is setting will have ramifications throughout the U.S. for all people who enjoy hound sports. Hound hunting and breeding is an American Heritage. 

The sport of hunting with hounds is bigger than what it appears to be. This event, the NPHA Big Game Nationals, is a family event. In a day where we are seeing the demise of the American Family, events like these bring families together. A quick trip around the grounds you will see families preparing dogs for shows and events together. They have spent a good portion of their time to breed, raise and train a dog to be a competitor. It is a family affair to bring the product of their work to these events and it gives them a strong sense of unity to be able to showcase their efforts. 

This event also has a fiscal impact on the local area of Spartanburg, SC. Hotels will be full, restaurants will be packed, and local vendors will benefit from the tourism generated by this event. 

This event is fairly new for the NPHA and the United Kennel Club. It is still in its infancy. It is only one of two nationally held Big Game events. It has so much potential to have a positive impact on the community in which it is held. For example, the United Kennel Club hosts an event called Autumn Oaks. Autumn Oaks is conducted at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Richmond, IN. This is a very old and well established event. Every year the event brings in nearly six million dollars to the community over Labor Day weekend. The big Game Nationals being one of only two national big game events has the potential to grow to a level of a high fiscal impact event for the city of Spartanburg and surrounding communities. 

Furthermore, your recent ruling on this event will also effect the American Plott Assoc. Big Game events. This is the other national event held in your state. This event is a benefit for the APA and the local Shriners Organization. By disallowing the NPHA event you will now be taking money out of the economy for two cities; Hickory Grove and Spartanburg plus reducing the amount money being raised to benefit the Shriners in Hickory Grove. 

Sir, this event is not the typical "hog dog rodeo". I know there may be some confusion on this. The NPHA and the APA have strict rules that disqualify dogs that catch and hold animals in an enclosure. The very thought of dogs being "sic-ed" on a caged animal for the destruction of the animal detests me and the participants of these events. Hunters support wildlife and the propagation of wildlife species. We have the utmost respect for the game we pursue. We spend billions of dollars annually to support game agencies to ensure there is abundant wildlife for hunting and for the aesthetic viewing pleasure of non-hunters as well. 

As a hunter, breeder and a father of a hunting family and President of the Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance, I ask you to reconsider your position. I ask that you look outside the box on this issue and consider the ramifications your ruling could have on the American Heritage of hunting. 


Chris Powell 
President Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance 

To express your concerns you can contact the South Carolina Attorney Generals Office by the following means. 

S.Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster 
PO Box 11549 
Columbia, S.C. 29211 
Fax ~ 803-734-4323 
Fax ~ 803-253-4121 
Phone ~ 803-734-3970 
e-mail ~ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

February meeting Minutes

Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance 
Meeting Minutes 
I. Call to order 
Chris Powell called to order the regular meeting of the Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance at 6:00 PM on February 2, 2007 in Indianapolis Indiana. 

II. Roll call 
Joe Newlin conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Chris Powell, Alan Holding , Jerry Moll, Dave Snyder, Mike Goodpaster, Janet Butcher, and Jim Ridge. 

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting 
Joe Newlin read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read. 

IV. Treasurer Report 
Jerry Moll read the treasurers report. The report was approved as read. 

V. Open issues 

a) Logo for HTDA is completed 
b) Membership Cards and Membership forms are at the printer. Each member will receive a card, and a packet of forms to distribute. 

VI. New business 
a) The Bylaws for the HTDA have been completed. An open review was held 
1.)Issue #1- Club Sponsorships would include 2 memberships along with banquet tickets. Discussion ensued 
a.) Motion made by Jim Ridge to change this language to 0 (zero) memberships and still include the 2 (two) banquet tickets by changing Article 4 Sect. 4.02 Subsection C to read “Club Sponsorship will include 2 (two) banquet tickets for their guests. 
b.) Second by Mike Goodpaster. 
c.) Motion carried by unanimous vote 

B) Discussion concerning voting rights. 
1.) Clarification of language concerning voting rights of general membership. There will be 1 (one) vote per membership. Families vote as one. 

C) Audit- It was agreed that any deposits to the checking or savings accounts would be made within three business days of receipt. Additional Jerry Moll will investigate a surety bond and report the cost of said bond at the next meeting. 

D) Motion to change Article 10 Sec. 10.3 to read that an annual audit of the HTDA bank account(s) to be held annually 
1.) Approved unanimously 

E.) Motion made to accept Bylaws as amended above made by Jerry Moll, Second by Paul Schniedner. Motion Carried. 

F.) The HTDA has received a bill from the attorney for $288.00. Chris Powell will address Larry Meeks of PKC regarding expectations and the work completed so far. 

G.) Jerry Moll made a motion to nominate committees for several different tasks of the HTDA. The following committees were suggested, and discussion held. With the following people being nominated to chair and recruit for each respective committe 
1.) Banquet Committee- Janet Butcher/Alan Holding 
2.) Fundraising Committee- David Schneider 
3.) Legislative Educational Committee- Chris Powell 
4.) INDNR Committee- Jerry Moll 
5.) Membership Committee- Mike Goodpaster 
6.) Web Site- Board of Directors 
7.) Club Sponsorship- Board of Directors 

H.) Major Events- Discussion ensued about having a “booth” or presence at several of the major hunting events this year. A banner will be made and we will look into manning a table at the Spring Super Stakes, Autumn Oaks, Walker Days to start. Chris will be looking for volunteers to man the booth. 

I.) Next meeting set to mid-May of 2007 

VII. Adjournment 
Chris Powell adjourned the meeting at 8:15PM. 

Minutes submitted by: Joe Newlin, Secretary, HTDA 

HTDA Board of Directors Meet


The HTDA Board of Directors met on February 21, 2007 and the meeting was a success. The organization’s by-laws were accepted by the Board of Directors at the meeting and are now filed with the State of Indiana. Those in attendance pictured clockwise (L-R): Chris Powell, David Schneider, Joe Newlin, Mike Goodpaster, Jim Ridge, Janet Butcher and Alan Holding. Not shown are Jerry Moll and Mickey Newby. 

Momentum is picking up as membership and sponsorship continues to grow. We are currently over (52) members, (3) major sponsors, and (12) club sponsorships. 

Several Committees were set up to work on organization initiatives. The committees are as follows: Banquet, Fundraising, Legislative Educational, IDNR, Membership, Website, and Club Sponsorship Committees. If you would like to volunteer to work with one of these committees, please contact us and we will put you in contact with the committee chairperson.