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On Wednesday June 12, HTDA member Brad Hall loaded up the hound, wife, and kids and made it a family to represent the HTDA at the Backwater Youth Legacy. It was a wonderful time with perfect weather.

After introducing what HTDA was all about and the agenda for the night, they talked about tree dogs in general, touched on competition, bench shows and the equipment used. When nightfall came they turned Rock loose, he treed 568 yards deep and with a group of 60 youth and 4 adults they made the trek through the hills to see what he had treed. He had a raccoon on a small poplar with few leaves, so the raccoon was exposed for all to see.

It was truly a sight to see 60 lights making their way through the woods. This year was the first year that Backwater Youth was paying those that put on demonstrations. When they presented Brad a check for $50 he donated it back to the camp. It is truly an amazing week for all these youth to come to and all they get to experience.