“Something New, Something Different”

The Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance 
“Something New, Something Different”

htda 11-11-06
You may have been hearing about a new Tree Dog organization starting up in Indiana. It is true; this new organization is in its infancy stage and is designed to represent the Tree Dog Sport (Raccoon and Squirrel Hunters) in Indiana and is called theHoosier Tree Dog Alliance

Any time you hear of something that will affect your sport it raises questions and it should. Here are some of the most common questions being asked. This information is just a start; feel free to contact us or post here if further information if needed. 

Q. Is this new organization replacing one or more of the current Indiana Coonhunting Organizations? 
A. No, there is no intention of replacing anyone or anything. There is every intention of working in concert with the I.C.H.A. (Indiana Coonhunters Association), the I.H.D.A. (Indiana Hunting Dog Association), the Indiana Beaglers Alliance and other dog and hunting groups seeking to protect our hunting rights here in Indiana. 

Q. How do we know this isn’t one of those “here today, gone tomorrow” organizations? 
A. We are serious about this and are making plans for the organization to last for future generations, to ensure they can enjoy the Treehound sports as we do. The Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance will be registered as a corporation by the state of Indiana and will be certified as a not for profit organization. These legal steps will subject us to regular auditing requiring us to keep our books clean and exacting. Annual financial reports will be made available to any member requesting it. We want to go out of our way to prove credibility to our membership, our supporters, the IDNR and to all Indiana Legislators. The Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance will start with an eleven person Board of Directors from various parts of the state of Indiana. Some of these board members will serve three year terms and some five year terms to guarantee a continuous rotation of new people with fresh ideas. 

Q. How will memberships work? 
A. Individual membership $20, includes immediate family and youth memberships will be available along with club sponsorships $75. You do not have to be a resident of Indiana to join the Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance. 

Q. How will you raise funds? 
A. There will be an annual membership drive and banquet featuring awards and guest speakers from the sport and the state. We will hold annual raffles and solicit tax deductible donations from businesses. Contributing businesses will be listed on our website indicating their sponsorship levels so that members may pay them back with their patronage. 

Q. Will the Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance be directly connected with AKC, PKC, UKC, NKC or any other registry? 
A. No, the Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance will be completely autonomous. We will work closely with all registries as they have a vested interest in the success and continuation of our sport in Indiana. We will expect and welcome their council and support as we fight anti-hunting and anti-dog legislation within our Hoosier state. 

Q. Will you be holding state championships and giving away high scoring dog trophies at other major events? 
A. No, it is not our desire to get directly involved with the scheduling of hound and cur events or presenting event awards. We want members joining the Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance who are serious about securing the future of our sport, not for trophy eligibility. We will be awarding annual awards to members and non-members demonstrating the exemplary leadership essential to maintaining the future of our sport. 

Q. What are some of the organization's goals? 
A. Here are a few of the orgaizational goals, but the list is not 100% finalized. 

Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance Goals: 
•Ensure a future of all ethical hunting in State of Indiana for future generations through positive work by this organization and networking with other established conservation organizations 
•To practice and cultivate responsible stewardship of Indiana’s natural resources 
•Develop and maintain good working relationships and open lines of communication within the IDNR by assisting and advising on Administrative Rules and law changes or revisions pertaining to the sport of hunting with tree dogs 
•Develop and maintain good working relationships and open lines of communication within the Indiana Legislature by assisting and advising on Administrative Rules and law changes or revisions pertaining to the sport of hunting with tree dogs 
•Raise public awareness of the activities of tree dog enthusiasts i.e. fundraising for charitable purposes, conservation efforts, and community service 
•To host an annual Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance Banquet for publicity, fundraising and communication 
•To rely heavily on all Tree Dog registration and kennel clubs to provide needed assistance 
•To act with a sense of urgency on behalf of the Hoosier Tree Dog Enthusiast while the current administration is open to our needs and ideas 
•To obtain more state/government ground to free cast our dogs 
•Establish a network of Indiana’s local tree dog clubs and area representatives to disseminate information at the local level 
•Take an active role in IDNR officer recruit training 
•Take an active role in IDNR youth camp support 

Photo caption HTDA 11/11/06 meeting (L-R): Mickey Newby, Chris Powell, David Schneider, Tricia Snedegar, Alan Holding, Jim Ridge and Bobby Wilson. Board members not shown: Jerry Moll, Joe Newlin, Larry Meeks and Mike Goodpaster.