We're on Our Way


Progress! Progress! The HTDA is making Progress! Your Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance has filed with the Indiana Secretary of State as a legal corporation in the state of Indiana. HTDA board member Larry Meeks has enlisted the help of nationally known attorney Norman Garvin of Scopelitis, Garvin, Light & Hanson - Attorneys at Law - Indianapolis, Chicago, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Kansas City - Full Service Transportation Law Firm to finalize all legal matters pertaining to the HTDA, making it a legal non-profit Indiana Corporation. 

Norm Garvin is better known for his work in the trucking industry, but he and his staff have successfully set up other non-profit organizations in the past. The resources that Garvin’s firm brings to the table have expedited our efforts. The trail to true non-profit status can be a rough track for sure. Garvin has put his staff to work on this trail that would otherwise leave us less experienced trackers, hitting dead ends, backtracking, standing on our heads and looking into several slick trees 

At this time our corporation status is pending. We expect to receive confirmation any day from the Secretary of State, making the HTDA a legal corporation in the State of Indiana. The actual non-profit stauts will take several months. The application alone, for non-profit status is twenty six pages long. At this time the IRS is over eight months behind on reviewing these applications. Patience is the key when dealing with this issue. Once we obtain our non-profit status all membership dues and donations may be tax deductible. 

Keep track of our progress here on . hoosiertreedogs.org .