February meeting Minutes

Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance 
Meeting Minutes 
I. Call to order 
Chris Powell called to order the regular meeting of the Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance at 6:00 PM on February 2, 2007 in Indianapolis Indiana. 

II. Roll call 
Joe Newlin conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Chris Powell, Alan Holding , Jerry Moll, Dave Snyder, Mike Goodpaster, Janet Butcher, and Jim Ridge. 

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting 
Joe Newlin read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read. 

IV. Treasurer Report 
Jerry Moll read the treasurers report. The report was approved as read. 

V. Open issues 

a) Logo for HTDA is completed 
b) Membership Cards and Membership forms are at the printer. Each member will receive a card, and a packet of forms to distribute. 

VI. New business 
a) The Bylaws for the HTDA have been completed. An open review was held 
1.)Issue #1- Club Sponsorships would include 2 memberships along with banquet tickets. Discussion ensued 
a.) Motion made by Jim Ridge to change this language to 0 (zero) memberships and still include the 2 (two) banquet tickets by changing Article 4 Sect. 4.02 Subsection C to read “Club Sponsorship will include 2 (two) banquet tickets for their guests. 
b.) Second by Mike Goodpaster. 
c.) Motion carried by unanimous vote 

B) Discussion concerning voting rights. 
1.) Clarification of language concerning voting rights of general membership. There will be 1 (one) vote per membership. Families vote as one. 

C) Audit- It was agreed that any deposits to the checking or savings accounts would be made within three business days of receipt. Additional Jerry Moll will investigate a surety bond and report the cost of said bond at the next meeting. 

D) Motion to change Article 10 Sec. 10.3 to read that an annual audit of the HTDA bank account(s) to be held annually 
1.) Approved unanimously 

E.) Motion made to accept Bylaws as amended above made by Jerry Moll, Second by Paul Schniedner. Motion Carried. 

F.) The HTDA has received a bill from the attorney for $288.00. Chris Powell will address Larry Meeks of PKC regarding expectations and the work completed so far. 

G.) Jerry Moll made a motion to nominate committees for several different tasks of the HTDA. The following committees were suggested, and discussion held. With the following people being nominated to chair and recruit for each respective committe 
1.) Banquet Committee- Janet Butcher/Alan Holding 
2.) Fundraising Committee- David Schneider 
3.) Legislative Educational Committee- Chris Powell 
4.) INDNR Committee- Jerry Moll 
5.) Membership Committee- Mike Goodpaster 
6.) Web Site- Board of Directors 
7.) Club Sponsorship- Board of Directors 

H.) Major Events- Discussion ensued about having a “booth” or presence at several of the major hunting events this year. A banner will be made and we will look into manning a table at the Spring Super Stakes, Autumn Oaks, Walker Days to start. Chris will be looking for volunteers to man the booth. 

I.) Next meeting set to mid-May of 2007 

VII. Adjournment 
Chris Powell adjourned the meeting at 8:15PM. 

Minutes submitted by: Joe Newlin, Secretary, HTDA