Alan Holding Resigns as VP and BOD

To the regret of the HTDA BOD and Officers, HTDA Vice President Alan Holding has announced that he wishes to resign from his Board of Directors and Vice President’s position. After lengthy conversations with Alan, it is apparent that Alan feels that his plate is full at this time. Alan regrets leaving his position but has repeatedly stated that he feels that he fully supports the HTDA and its goals. Alan feels so deeply about the integrity of the HTDA that he cannot fulfill his duties at this time due to personal reasons and circumstances beyond his control. 

Alan has been instrumental in the formulation of the HTDA. His technical skills and vision has helped the HTDA get off the ground and wade through the legal obligations the HTDA has had to go through to become a bona fide Indiana Corporation. From the very onset of the HTDA Alan has been dedicated to the cause of HTDA. When there was a need for great discretion Alan has been there with ideas and input. 

The HTDA Membership owes Alan deep appreciation for his service to the HTDA.