ICOO Karl E. Kelly Memorial Youth Camp


Dear Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance, 

Thank you for letting me go to the IDNR camp. I had lots of fun. We shot guns, learned to track animals, and lots more. I made lots of friends, and I still keep in contact with them. I was one of the only coon hunters there. I thought that was kind of funny. Thank you for accepting my essay. 

This camp has helped me with the outdoors, and has let me know about all different game to hunt. I am planning on going bird hunting this fall. I would of never thought of hunting bird if you didn’t accept my essay. I now have a wide variety of things to hunt that I would of never have done. 

As I said before we did lots of stuff. First the thing that I liked the most was shooting guns. The only thing I didn’t like about that is the tests to get to be able to shoot them. The shotgun was my favorite gun to shoot, that’s were I got the idea of bird hunting because we shot clay birds. My second favorite gun was the pistols. We had two different kinds a semi-auto and a revolver. The semi-auto was fun because I could shoot up to 8 times real fast. But the revolver was fun also. Another big thing I liked was boat day we got to ride pwc (personal watercrafts). That would have been the most fun on boat day. I was riding a racing tube on the back of one where you sit down in a seat, and I hit a wave and flipped over. It was actually funny. At the end of the week I passed both my boaters and hunters education test! Now I can hunt and I can drive a boat when I’m 15. I really appreciated going to this camp so thank you again for accepting me. 


Josh Newlin