HTDA Director has Hounds Shot!!!

On the evening of Wednesday, September 23rd, Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance Director Brad Hall was enjoying an evening with his father and HTDA member Albert Hall. They were hunting two treeing walker coonhounds near Brad’s home when their dogs were shot by a nearby homeowner. 


Brad Hall called the home of Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance President Chris Powell immediately following the incident. Hall was clearly shaken and very emotional on the phone. He was telling Powell that his dog had just been shot. 

This is the third dog shooting case the Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance has dealt with in 2009. In February of 2009 Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance member Bill Herrel of Peru had a hound shot by a renter of a farmhouse. The HTDA made contact with local conservation officers and following an investigation, Herrel received full restitution for the dog, vet bills and the shooter made a donation to local youth hunting programs. In August, HTDA members, Anthony and Cody Loehr while hunting had their dog shot in Owen County by a homeowner. The HTDA contacted conservation officers in the area and felony charges are pending. Now this case. 

Hall went on to state that he was approximately ninety yards from the residence when he heard a series of three shots. Hall had been tracking the movement of the dogs on his Garmin GPS Astro. When the shots rang out - all movement of his dog stopped and the unit was showing his dog Banjo was stationary. At first it was believed that Banjo was the only dog shot. Once Brad recovered his other dog he found out he had been shot as well. Banjo was taken to veterinary hospitals where he was treated. Banjo’s wounds were beyond treatment and veterinarians recommended Hall give consent to put Banjo down. 

The irony of this whole tragedy; Hall had volunteered his time to assist in the training of Indiana Conservation Officer recruits just one week prior.The training had taken place and was sponsored by the Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance, Inc. Hall and other members were a part of scenario based training that taught future conservation officers how to handle field situations, including investigations about shooting tree dogs. Hall’s dog, Banjo was the star of the show. Hall had brought him along because of his easy going disposition, willingness to please and Brad’s overall admiration for the dog. Banjo is two year old Treeing Walker co-owned by Brad and long time walker breeder Mike Dohoney. Fast forward one week, Banjo lie on property that Hall cannot enter, not moving. 

Hall put his experience and the skills he had used to teach new recruits into action. Hall immediately called local law enforcement and Hendricks County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the scene. Hall requested that veteran Indiana Conservation Officer Jeff Wells conduct the investigation of the shooting of his companion. 

At this time the investigation is ongoing. For reasons of confidentiality and to protect Brad Hall’s interests, the Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance is not releasing any further details at this time. The Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance, Inc will state that Criminal Charges are being considered as a result of this incident and a civil case is being considered at this time. We will keep you posted here on developments in this case.