The Hoosier Outdoor Adventure Expo

The Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance has announced dates and given the highly successful youth programs a “face lift”. The program, now known as the “Hoosier Outdoor Adventure Expo”, will be a program that will travel to different venues around the state. The program is designed to be an outreach to communities across Indiana for people who are interested in outdoor sports. The HTDA recognizes that there are many potential sportsmen out there that have never taken up the sport for various reasons some of which may include, lack of knowledge, lack of an adequate mentor or a social structure that has never introduced them to outdoor recreation. 


The “Hoosier Outdoor Adventure Expo” program will bring sporting groups together that share the common goal of preserving Indiana’s outdoor heritage. These groups, in a joint effort, will put on field days at scheduled locations throughout Indiana and make their organizations available to potential hunters. This will allow sporting groups to recruit new members and mentor them into the different sporting activities. Sporting groups will foster a relationship with these new sportsmen that will enable them to grow in the sport. 

Vice President Jeff Morgan stated his goal of the “Hoosier Outdoor Adventure Expo”, “It is our goal to provide information to aspiring sportsmen. If a person wants to learn about bowhunting, we want someone that can talk to them about archery equipment, tree stand tactics and deer. If someone is there that wants to learn about trapping, we want them to be able to talk to a trapper. We want people to leave with answers.” 

The Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance will continue to bridge the gap between different sporting groups and the public by offering progressive outdoor programming. For dates and locations check our message board and events page.