2009 Youth Hunt

On January 3rd HTDA members teamed up with DNR officials to host the first annual Youth Squirrel Hunt at Crosley Fish and Wildlife area. Twenty three kids, both girls and boys hunted with 13 members of the HTDA and their squirrel dogs. Most of the youth hunters had some hunting experience, almost none of them had ever been hunting with squirrel dogs. They had a blast. 

HTDA President Chris Powell was contacted by Crosley Fish and Wildlife Area assistant property manager Steve Mund to coordinate the event. Mund learned of the HTDA from local member Steve Reinholt. Reinholt saw an opportunity to get the HTDA involved with a worthy cause in his community. This is what the HTDA is all about; “ preserving our heritage”. One look at these faces and it is safe to say they will never forget this experience. 

As for the impression the HTDA made on the DNR, “This is beyond all expectations” Steve Mund stated. The HTDA coordinated hunters with dogs, paid for food and worked with Crosley staff to ensure that dogs had plenty of space for a safe hunt.