BOD Meeting Minutes 12-13-12

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BOD Meeting Minutes 12-13-12

Postby Liz Ging » Fri Feb 01, 2013 2:51 pm

HTDA BOD Minutes

On Thursday, December 13, 2012, HTDA board of directors held a meeting at 7:00PM at Gander Mountain in Castleton, Indiana.

The meeting was started with Treasure Brent Miller giving a report of $6,330.90.

In old business, discussion was held about our 501(c)(3) status and it was reported that all is completed and has been turned over to the Attorney General for approval, but that could take weeks, months, years to gain approval. It was also reported that the attorney who has handled everything for us will not be charging us because of how long of a time frame it has taken to get everything in order for the tax-free status.

In new business, one of our two newest directors was introduced. Travis Maschino was present and was introduced to the other members of the board; Tim Durkes was not present for introduction due to current health issues. Liz will send a get well card to him.

In other new business, the squirrel hunt at Elnora was discussed. Billy Carter from Trammel Creek donated another dog-box. Seven memberships were recruited while at Elnora; and Steve Baker was the winner of the dog-box.

Crosley Youth Squirrel Hunt will be January 5, 2013 at 9:00AM. Clifty Creek Coonhunters is working on this and will recruit guides and dogs. Jeff Morgan will get shirts and hats to hand out to the youth.

In major discussion, is the extension of squirrel season or adding an additional squirrel season. Jerry Moll will write a proposal to the NRC for a spring squirrel season to run potentially from March 15-April 25. James Hitchcock made a motion for this to take place and Don Bonsett, motion passed.

Sponsorship was the next item of discussion. It was discussed and agreed upon that sponsors will be considered annual sponsors; anything over $500 donation will be advertised on our website. Likewise certificates will be given to those who are a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Club sponsor. A plaque will only be given to Platinum sponsors. Brent made a motion and Jerry seconded, motion passed.

The banquet was the next point of discussion. Nominations for the Mack Watson Legacy Award will be submitted to Liz only by the directors by January 1, 2013. Chris Powell will look into and get back with the board on the Conservation Officer of the Year Award. Board members will also need to send pictures and captions to Chris so he can prepare a PowerPoint presentation for a 2012 HTDA re-cap.

Brent Miller will be handling all invitations this year. It was decided to send only to members and sponsors for 2012 and 2013. Jerry Moll made a motion and James Hitchcock seconded, motion passed. Brent will get these out shortly after the first of the year. It was encouraged for all board members to recruit donations and auction items for this year’s banquet. As auction items are received, Jerry Moll needs to notified and he will post the item on the website. Members will be encouraged to browse the website frequently to see the updated auction item list.

Finally, after discussion of sponsoring the Indiana Coonhunters Youth Foundation, Chris Powell made a motion to send $100 to the ICHA for the Indiana Coonhunters Youth Foundation. Don Huber seconded and motion passed.

Election of officers was the final point of discussion. James Hitchcock made a motion for Brent Miller to be President, but Brent declined. James then made a motion for Don Bonsett, who also declined. Donnie Huber nominated Jerry Moll for president, who declined and Chris Powell nominated Donnie Huber who accepted. James seconded and motion passed. Chris Powell also nominated Jerry Moll for Vice-President, who accepted, James Hitchcock seconded and motion passed. Liz Ging was nominated by Jerry Moll to remain as Secretary, Brent Miller seconded, Liz accepted and motion passed. Chris Powell nominated Brent Miller to remain as Treasurer, Jerry Moll seconded, Brent accepted and motion passed. HTDA’s 2013 officers will be President – Donnie Huber, Vice-President – Jerry Moll, Secretary – Liz Ging, and Treasurer – Brent Miller. The other members of the board are Don Bonsett, Tim Durkes, James Hitchcock, Travis Maschino, Jeff Morgan, Chris Powell, and Matt Wohlford.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:03PM with a motion made by Liz Ging and seconded by Chris Powell.

Attendance: Don Bonsett, Liz Ging, James Hitchcock, Don Huber, Travis Maschino, Brent Miller, Jerry Moll, Jeff Morgan, Chris Powell and guest: John Combs

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